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File:Madam Secretary (CBS) Logo.pngMadam Secretary

Offered by Anyaa McAndrew
December 2015

The Householder Quadrangle of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra

I am not a great lover of TV series, but there have been a few that my husband Gary has convinced me to watch so that we would have something to watch together, and I have surrendered and gotten hooked!

I hate violence as a general rule, and I feel that most media uses it to engage an addictive part of humans connected to our lower natures. That’s my Virgo speaking. I just finished watching the entire 23 episodes of Madam Secretary (season one) that I can stream on Netflix. The rest I will have to wait for or sign up for cable, and I am not gonna, no matter how much I want to know what happens next!

I am enthralled by Tea Leoni’s role as Secretary of State. She is enlisted, almost pressured into the role. She has a strong sense of duty and obligation to her friend the President that is matched by her amazing ability as a diplomat and strategist. I kept being reminded of what the goddess Athena must really be all about; strong yet vulnerable, smart like a fox but transparent, a realist and a humanist.

The series is also funny, witty, and well-written with a variety of interesting archetypes in supporting roles. Madam Secretary demonstrates the way international relationships between countries should be handled, the way government could be run, if we were humane, conscious and responsible. The ethical and moral dilemmas create impossible complexities for her to solve, and she does not come out smelling like a rose every time! Although the darkest secrets of our government are not exposed, there is still a measure of openness about American policy and the way we are seen by other countries.

After 23 episodes, I did not feel like I was fed propaganda, but gifted with a look at a powerful woman in leadership. She is an exquisite version of Capricorn responsibility and wisdom, Libra finesse and diplomacy, Aires fiery courage, and Cancer loving dedication to her children, husband and future generations.

By the way, did I say that Madam Secretary was created by a woman? Barbara Hall is an accomplished TV writer and producer, known for series like Northern Exposure and Judging Amy, and is also the founder of an alternative Rock Band called The Enablers!


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