Special Membership Calls

Special Membership Calls

This new series with Erik Roth and Mary Kern is designed to support the monthly member calls, diving into the basics of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm, honoring our relationship with the night sky and plenty of time to ask questions.

The calls last anywhere from 60-90 minutes, including at least 45 minutes to answer your questions!  You can also send in your questions ahead of the call, especially if you can’t join us live. Theses calls are recorded and available for replay within about 48 hours.
Our next call is scheduled for April, 2020 (exact date to be determined)  at 3pm Pacific time with Mary Kern and Erik Roth with a topic yet to be chosen.  Previous episodes covered Mars and Venus in the Underworld, Pluto’s role in Shamanic Astrology and how Saturn shows up in our lives.

Episode 3 – January 20, 2020 with Erik Roth and Mary Kern 

Topics: Saturn, what it means, its initiation and complexes

In this call, Mary Kern and Erik Roth covered the basics about Saturn’s role in Shamanic Astrology.  The history, pattern and guidance that Saturn provides in our lives was covered in detail.  Several questions were answered in chart reviews of a couple of members of the school as examples of Saturn showing up in our individual lives.

Episode 2 – November 12, 2019 with Erik Roth and Mary Kern 

Topics: Pluto, what it means, its initiation and complexes

References to information shared during the call

The name “Pluto” was suggested by an 11-year-old English schoolgirl, Venetia Burney. It won out over numerous other suggestions because it was the name of the Roman god of the underworld, who was able to render himself invisible, and because Percival Lowell‘s initials PL formed the first 2 letters. The name Pluto was officially adopted on May 1, 1930.

Trans-Saturnian Planetary Transits, Including Pluto through the Signs

How Can Pluto Heal You-Real and False Fear – from Lisa Rankin

The Dream and the Underworld by James Hillman

Underworld Complexes and Transits

More about the Scorpion Constellation and the Underworld (NOTE, the sign of Scorpio is experienced as a seasonal archetype and the Scorpion constellation has its own separate contribution to the signs):

Pluto cycles are not linear or logical however the repeated occurrences of Pluto cycles evolve our soul through higher expressions or octaves of this archetype.  These are the three expressions of the Scorpion:

  1. The Scorpion constellation and its stinger is the place to begin learning Pluto and Scorpio where one is more ruled by emotions and instinct than intellect. Personal-esteem and self-awareness are not as developed. Rage and self-protection can manifest as aggression/destruction. The scorpion is earthbound and a symbol of survival.
  2. When self-awareness and personal esteem empowers a Scorpio/Pluto learner their emotions are tempered with more self-understanding and there is less engagement in self destructive behavior. This expression of Scorpio/Pluto is represented by the Eagle soaring proudly above, having a wider range of goals to select from, seeing more objectively while working on self-actualization. The shadow or unseen behavior/belief to now bring into the light stems from their awareness of their signature life force energy – no longer disempowered – they may choose to misuse this power to manipulate and exploit others darting down and scooping up prey with skewed insight into the vulnerability of others. (This Eagle is referenced in the BIBLE: St John’s book of the Apocalypse, Rev 4:7)
  3. The third expression of this archetype holds the mystical healing power of spreading peace – symbolized by the Dove transcended and transformed through the process of the Phoenix or Sun, burning away false fear and rising from the ashes. This is the expression of redemption when judgement is alchemically changed to compassion reminding us that the serpent holder, Ophiuchus stands above the Scorpion constellation in the sky where its crown chakra aligns with the stinger of the scorpion.


https://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/astrologicalmusings/2006/11/the-scorpion-the-eagle-and-the.html. ( Astrological musics by Lynn Hayes)


Episode 1 – August 20, 2019 with Erik Roth and Mary Kern 

Topics: Mars-Venus Underworld Conjunction, The Script of the Natal Chart and member questions about their own individual charts

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