Into the Underworld (Mars)

Into the Underworld

by Erik Roth

(This is in reference to the Mars Cycle where Mars enters the underworld in the glare of the Sun)

The die is cast, the sailors wave, for I have chosen to be brave
The ocean of dreams sends out the call
The ocean of darkness welcomes all

I chose to be brave despite the Sun, I enter a place where there is no fun
I return to the waters to invoke my fears, as the heat sears through my tears
My heartbeat slows in the rocking swells, ringing my bones as if they were bells

The intense light blinds my sight, creating darkness in my plight
The shadow reigns, for the masculine has served the millennia past
It ruled to form and held its might
Those kingdoms held mostly pains, but I no longer serve that mast

Decay and grief await to my relief, for I must prepare for that next frontier
No more thoughts, no more deeds, for surrender is next and I give my best
To the ocean of awe that opens its maw

There will be rebirth and not without good mirth
For a new adventure beckons, just not the one I would have reckoned

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